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Document Description
WLCG Document repository The repository for all WLCG documents, reference etc.
Computing Model update (April 2014) Latest update on the WLCG computing model
Technical Design Report (2005) Original design of WLCG from 2005.
User Guide comprehensive overview of the WLCG environment.
HEPSPEC06 benchmark How to run the HEP-SPEC06 benchmark


Powerpoint Posters Other
PowerPoint for WLCG Poster base - white Word doc
  Poster base - black  


WLCG logos 
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Tiers & Grid images (2014)

Tiers (as at June 2014)




Grid Traffic (realtime snapshot)

  • Upload into Google Earth the network link for WLCG; some instructions how are here.
  • Untick all the logos to remove them from the screen. Also go to View and untick toolbar and sidebar
  • Rotate Earth to desired angle, slide time-slider to locate and display interesting traffic
  • File > Save > Save as Image
WLCG Current Sites Current WLCG sites - you can download, share or embed this map. It automatically updates if you have embedded it in your site.
LHC ring Available in various formats in CDS



Presentations from key project personnel, including archives back to the beginning of LCG.


Computing for the Large Hadron Collider, Ian Bird. "Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science", Vol. 61: 99-118, November 2011

Computing Service for LHC: From Clusters to Grids, Les Robertson. Chapter 3 from "From the Web to the Grid and Beyond, Computing Paradigms Driven By High Energy Physics", R. Brun, F. Carminati, G.G.Carminati, eds., Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2012.


LHC Data processing

Exploration on the Big Data Frontier (TedxCERN)



2010 Brochure

Past Events

LHC Gridfest

Press Clippings

Some of the significant press articles about WLCG



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