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Virtual Organisations

To use WLCG resources you must be affiliated with one of the following Virtual Organizations (VO).

When you have chosen your VO, contact the VO manager. They will then walk you through the process on how to register.

VO LHC Affiliation
ALICE ALICE experiment
ATLAS ATLAS experiment
CMS CMS experiment
DTEAM MUST be enabled by all EGI Resource Centres that support the VO concept for user authentication
LHCB LHCb experiment
SixTrack Single Particle Tracking Code
MoEDAL MoEDAL experiment

See also EGI VO information/list for Europe, or the OSG Virtual Organization Summary for USA.

Setting up a VO (Europe)

To set up a VO, please go to the EGI Wiki, which explains policies and procedures.


Page last updated on: 8 Dec 2016