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WLCG "Catch-All" Certification Authority

The WLCG Catch-all CA provides certificates for users and services who are not otherwise covered by one of the approved LCG Certification Authorities (CA). Often called a "catch-all" CA the service is actually run as a "Registration Authority" (RA) of the DOEGrids Certificate Service. The certificates are issued by DOEGrids but the identity of the applicant and right to own the certificate are validated by the WLCG RA or an appointed agent.

The WLCG RA will ONLY approve your certificate request if ALL the following are true:

  • you are eligible to be part of a recognized WLCG Virtual Organisation (VO)
  • you could not reasonably be expected to obtain a certificate from another approved WLCG CA
  • you require the certificate for an activity related to LCG

Certificates obtained through this service are issued in accordance with the combined Certificate Policy and Certification Practive Statement (CP/CPS) of the DOEGrids Certificate Service published on the DOEGrids website ( Subscribers to this service must take note of obligations outlined in Section 2.1.2 of this document. In case of dispute or discrepancy with information published elsewhere the CP/CPS document will be authoritative.

See the menu on the right to choose the most appropriate way for you to make a certificate request.

WLCG thanks the DOEGrids Certificate Service for providing the infrastructure and support for this service.


Page last updated on: 7 Mar 2012