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To use WLCG you must possess a personal digital certificate from a Certification Authority (CA) recognised by WLCG. The certificate will be needed both during the registration process and also when you submit jobs to the grid.

WLCG accepts certificates issued by CAs who are accredited by the IGTF: Interoperable Global Trust Federation and the OSG PKI.

Certification Authorities (CA) recognised by WLCG

Loading Certificates

See  for converting and importing certificates on various browsers and their versions.


Important: The private key associated with your certificate should:

  • be stored in a file which is only readable by you
  • not be stored somewhere visible on the network (e.g. not in an NFS mounted directory)
  • be protected by a strong password. Help with choosing a secure password is available here.
  • never shared with anybody else.

Failure to observe the above rules could result in you being denied access to WLCG

Page last updated on: 4 Aug 2016