Management Board

The MB organises the work of the Project as a set of formal activities.  It maintains the overall programme of work and all other planning data necessary to ensure the smooth execution of the work of the Project.  It provides quarterly progress and status reports to the OB. 

The MB endeavours to work by consensus but, if this is not achieved, the LCG Project Leader shall make decisions taking into account of the advice of the Board. 

The MB membership includes the LCG Project Leader, the Technical Heads of the Tier-1 Centres, the leaders of the major activities and projects managed by the Board, the Computing Coordinator of each LHC Experiment, the Chair of the Grid Deployment Board (GDB), a Scientific Secretary and other members as decided from time to time by the Board.

MB meetings are held on a regular basis (usually monthly) on a Tuesday, at 16:00 and last 1-2 hours.