WLCG organisation chart

Collaboration Board (CB)

The Collaboration Board (CB) provides the main technical direction for LCG.

Overview Board (OB)

A standing committee of the CB, the Overview Board (OB), has the role of overseeing the functioning of the Collaboration. It also acts as a clearing-house for conflicts that may arise within the Collaboration.

Management Board (MB)

The Management Board (MB) supervises the work of the Project, maintaining the overall programme of work and all other planning data necessary to ensure the smooth execution of the work of the Project.

Grid Deployment Board (GDB)

The Grid Deployment Board (GDB) is the forum within the Project where the computing managements of the experiments and the regional computing centres discuss and take, or prepare, the decisions necessary for planning, deploying, and operating the LHC Computing Grid.

Architects Forum (AF)

An Architects Forum (AF) consisting of the Applications Area Manager (chair), the software architects of the four LHC experiments, the leaders of the various AA software projects and other invited members provides for the formal participation of the experiments in the planning, decision-making and architectural and technical direction of applications area activities.

Computing Resources Review Board (CRRB)

The Resources Review Board (RRB) comprises the representatives of each Experiment's Funding Agencies and the managements of CERN and of each Experiment's Collaboration. It is chaired by the CERN Director for Research and Computing.

Computing Resources Scrutiny Group (C-RSG)

The purpose of the C-RSG is to inform the decisions of the Computing Resources Review Board (C-RRB) for the LHC experiments.

Last updated on: 02 Feb 2022