What's Where

WLCG is an immense project with its inception in 2004; as a result documentation has found homes in a variety of places. Here is a rough guide to what you can expect to find where.

General Reference


WLCG Document Repository

Ongoing WLCG operations and project management document repository. It contains the regular reporting (accounting, reliability etc), as well as meeting minutes, policies and MoUs.

Link to: WLCG Document Repository

CDS (CERN Document Server)

Extensive range of higher-level reports, documents, books and lectures from across the WLCG Collaboration as a whole, eg, CERN, Experiments, working groups etc. Keywords:  "LCG" (for older material) or "WLCG" (more recent material).

Link to: CDS

WLCG Zenodo

Link to: WLCG Community on Zenodo


Last updated on: 02 Feb 2022