The vast majority of WLCG users are members of LHC experiments or affiliated research projects and should normally use the official software frameworks that are available per experiment or project. 

Each participating site is affiliated with one of the infrastructures that make up WLCG and should normally comply with the corresponding regulations, recommended versions and configurations.

A site normally is expected to provide computing resources via one of the supported Computing Element types and a commensurate amount of storage via one of the supported Storage Element solutions.

Also the network bandwidth (internal and external) needs to be commensurate with the site's resources for the supported collaborations. Additional services are usually needed (e.g. for the information system, authorization or accounting), depending on the infrastructure of which the site is a part.

The exact choice of middleware technologies to be deployed should typically be discussed in advance with the site's (main) customers.

Middleware products

Last updated on: 24 Jan 2022