Information Systems

GOCDB GOCDB is the official repository for storing and presenting EGI topology and resources information.
OSG Site documentation for OSG sys-admins.
CRIC Information about WLCG physical computing resources,  including topology information, accounting, resource pledges, and installed capacities.


SiteMon The WLCG SiteMon framework is used to monitor the availability and reliability of resources within the production infrastructure.
Monit Monitoring data collected from the computing systems of the LHC experiments.

Grid Accounting

CRIC Information about WLCG physical computing resources including pledges and accounting.
EGI accounting portal A single entry point, used for WLCG Accounting on grid usage and including OSG.
GRACC OSG-only accounting.


GGUS GGUS (Global Grid User Support) is the primary channel of requesting support when using the grid.


LHCOPN - LHC Optical Private Network LHCOPN is the network for the T0-T1 data transfer.
LHCONE The objective of LHCONE is to provide a collection of access locations that are effectively entry points into a network that is private to the LHC T1/2/3 sites.
GEANT G√ČANT is the pan-European data network dedicated to the research and education community.
ESnet ESnet connects together the US tier sites, as well as providing transatlantic connections to CERN and elsewhere in Europe and Asia.



Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) is a consistent and tested set of middleware products, available for use for grid computing on EGI/WLCG. More info here.

ARC The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware integrates computing resources and storage facilities.
Grid Community Forum The Grid Community Forum (GridCF) is a global community that provides support for core grid software, derived from the Globus Toolkit.
OSG docs OSG documentation


Grid activity visualisation

Customised screenshots available from

This video is a screen capture made in August 2017 from the EGL application. It shows information covering data movement and jobs running for the LHC experiments. (Video: CERN)
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