Grid Accounting

A grid accounting report, showing resource usage/allocation by site and experiment, is produced each month, integrated into a report for the current calendar year. Reports consist of data on CPU, Disk and Tape. 

Grid Accounting Portal

The EGI Accounting Portal collects all accounting data for the whole of WLCG (US, Europe etc). All of our accounting reports are extracted from this portal.


All reports (Tier1 & Tier 2) are stored in the WLCG Document Repository.

Generating the reports

CERN & Tier-1

Data snapshots are taken on the 8th of the month, sent to WLCG members to submit their comments, then published about a week later, depending on availability of data. The report is calculated by combining:

  1. CPU data from the Tier 1 EGI Accounting portal 
  2. Disk and tape data requested manually direct from each Tier 1 site.


Tier 2 accounting extracted from the Tier 2 EGI Accounting Portal

Last updated on: 22 Nov 2019