Sample MoU

MoU frontpageThe document here is a sample MoU. Please note that the annexes in the sample will not be up-to-date due to continually evolving data. For up-to-date annexes, please see the Annexes section further below this page.


Memorandum of Understanding for Collaboration in the Deployment and Exploitation of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid




These annexes are appended to the MoU and are regularly updated. Below you can find the most recent  versions.

Please note that these Annexes are currently undergoing revision (Q2-Q4, 2023) and are subject to change. Some Annexes have been archived due to being out-of-date and no longer relevant.

If you still wish to consult them, please refer to the Sample MoU linked above.


List of Annexes (2023: undergoing revision)

Annex 1

List of Tier 1 Centres (v 30 May 2023)

Annex 2

List of Tier-2 Centres (v 1 June 2023)

Annex 3

Minimal Computing Resource and Service Levels to qualify for membership of the WLCG Collaboration (v 1 June 2023)

Annex 4

List of Funding Agencies (for Computing Resources Review Board) (v 31 May 2023)

Annex 5

The WLCG Collaboration

Annex 6

Pledges and Resources offered per Tier centre.
All pledges can be found at which is converted into Annex 6.

Annex 7

 Archived ("WLCG Deployment Schedule from 2006 to 2008")

Annex 8

 Archived ("Programme of Work for the Deployment of the WLCG and Sharing of Responsibilities for its Execution")

Annex 9

Rules of Procedure for the Resources Scrutiny Group (RSG)

Annex 10

 Archived ("Interim MoUs and Collaboration Agreements pertaining to the earlier work on the LHC Computing Grid and replaced by this MoU")

Annex 11

 Archived ("Template Software License")
Last updated on: 01 Jun 2023