New MoU Preparation

If you wish to register a new Federation, then your institute/national funding agency will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with WLCG, to set up the framework of agreements regarding resources and services you will provide.

Here is an example of a full MoU, which gives you the basic legal framework.

Please also look at Annex 3 (Minimal Computing Resource and Service levels to qualify for WLCG membership)  which explains the services you would be expected to provide.

If you have not already done so, you should contact whichever LHC experiment(s) you wish to support to discuss their resource requirements and your contribution. if you need contact names to do this please contact

As soon as the MoU is signed by both yourselves and CERN/WLCG, your site(s) will be added to the WLCG monitoring tools, accounting and reliability/availability reports.

Details required for preparing the MoU

For us to prepare the draft for you to review, we require the following information. Examples of information contained in the Annexes can be found in the Memorandum of Understanding overview.

  • information for the signature page – the name(s), and title of the signatory or signatories
  • the information for your Tier-2 as you would like it to appear in Annex 2 ​including;
    • the WLCG representative name;
    • the name & acronym of the funding agency. 
  • for Annex 4 the name of the funding agency representative who will be invited to the Computing Resources Review Board which takes place twice per year in April and October
  • for Annex 6.3 (data which is maintained in CRIC), your pledge for the total CPU (HS06) and Disk (Tbytes) resources for;
    • the coming year starting from April - what you already have installed (which we will count as your current pledge), and if additional purchases are planned in the short-term;
    • what you hope to install for the year after.
Last updated on: 14 Feb 2024