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Risk Summary

European e-infrastructure diverges from WLCG needs

Risk Detail

EGI or the European Open Science Cloud infrastructures in Europe may potentially diverge from the needs of the HEP community.


A divergence may impose contradictory requirements on participating sites.


The main mitigation here is continued and strong engagement with the EOSC community and othe science communities to advise, shape and steer the direction of the EOSC. Today this engagement is via the ESCAPE project together with our strategic partners from astronomy and particle physics related fields.


There has always been a tension between the value of organisations like EGI, and in the future the EOSC. This is mainly a European concern as other areas such as the US manage this at a national scale. For the future it is important that the EOSC is driven by the sciences, rather than the infrastructure providers. This is what has caused divergence in the past. ESCAPE (and the other domain projects) are a good step in the right direction. ESCAPE is fully aligned with the models that we are investigating for HL-LHC, and is supported by the particle and astronomy ESFRI communities.

Risk Impact
Risk Likelihood
Risk Severity

1: never expected to happen | 2: could happen but very unlikely | 3: could well happen | 4: will probably happen

1: we can deal with it, no problem | 2: a bit of a hassle but not too bad | 3: can be managed, but with significant effort | 4: crisis


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