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Risk Summary

Event generators for higher order not optimised

Risk Detail

Event generators for higher orders are not optimised


Event generation will be expensive in CPU time and become a significant fraction of CPU budget


Workshops organised via the HSF with the generator community. Must keep pushig this as a priority


Generating events at higher orders will become more important when we move to the high luminosity area. With the software at it's current state this will become a major fraction of the required effort. The risk is that the teams don’t find the effort to improve the efficiency of the generators sufficiently. (The correct factor is difficult to state at the moment, especially since certain problems, such as the impact of negative weights aren’t well understood). There is an agreement that the efficiency has to improve somewhere between 2-5.

  1. The people with the domain expertise (Theoretical Physicist) can’t find the time to work on the problem. Probability is high ( feedback from the workshop, negative career impact, developers don’t have the same needs as the experiments when it comes to the number of events that they need to generate)
  2. Impact high, this can limit the research program of HL-LHC
Risk Impact
Risk Likelihood
Risk Severity

1: never expected to happen | 2: could happen but very unlikely | 3: could well happen | 4: will probably happen

1: we can deal with it, no problem | 2: a bit of a hassle but not too bad | 3: can be managed, but with significant effort | 4: crisis


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